I made a post before the Australian Schools Cup on how coaches must get “benchies” on the court in tournaments.

Unfortunately, while at the ASC I heard a rumour that there was one player who paid over $2,000 to attend and was on the court for one (1) serve. Also heard that his dad flew over to see him play. Another $1,000. This team dominated all week only dropping one set until they reached the finals. Certainly more than enough opportunities to get all of the team’s players onto the court.

This is why the Australian Schools Cup Commission have been such enthusiastic supporters of the 12 sub rule. We see this rule as a way to ensure all kids have the opportunities to get on the court.

My personal view is that if volleyballers pay to play volleyball then we should use the 12 sub rule so they have the greatest chance to get their money’s worth.

If they get paid to play volleyball (and how often does this happen in Australian volleyball?) then use the 6 sub rule. If they don’t get on the court then tough, train harder.

I certainly hope my information is wrong because if it isn’t, then this situation is deplorable and the coach need to have a good look at what has happened here.

“You pick them, You play them.”