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We intend to make this page a major coach development resource for Australian coaches.

The USA volleyball association is currently rolling out their all-new coach development program. As John Kessel emails us the latest released videos, they will be will posted to the “Kessel’s Corner” blog, and archived here.

General Coaching Information

#1 – Impact of coaches USA coaches talking about the impact coaches have – 1:29
#2 – Maximum contact volleyball net system USA coaches modify nets in gyms 5:22
#3 – Poor coaching #1 Kids show what bad parents do .31 seconds
#4 – Regression to the Mean John Kessel explains the maths of volleyball 5.59
#5 – Most important video for coaches EVER Ronaldo in the dark.

Serve Reception

#1 – Overhead Passing – USA skill video 1:00
#2 – Forearm Passing – USA skill video 1:19


#1 – The Torque Serve for beginners. (Not posted by USA volleyball yet, but worth the wait)
#2 – The Slide Jump Serve USA skill video 1:21
#3 – The Overhead or Tennis Serve Progression for teaching standing serve 1:10
#4 – The Top Spin Jump Top Spin Serve (Has not been posted by USA volleyball yet – this is a start)


#1 – Outside Hitting – USA skill video 2:22
#2 – Right side Hitting – USA skill video 1.04
#3 – Middle Hitting – USA skill video 0.51


#1 – Setting tips – USA skill video 1:26


#1 – Blocking – USA skill video 1:20

Floor Defence

#1 – Pancake – USA Skill video 0.53


#1 – Loser becomes the net – Great warm up drill. 2.10
#2 – Red Line Volleyball – A must must  must for all volleyball programs 1.38
#3 – Butterfly Drill – Good USA drill 1.38
#4 – Speedball – a better version of “king of the court” 1.42

Stats and Timesavers

Excel Stats Package

All you need is Microsoft Excel, or a compatible program. This package allows a beginner to stat your team contacts. It also has targets for each of the skill categories.

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