Another great question. If you have to do passing drills then you have to do passing drills.
– Kids will be motivated if they can see they are getting better.
– Tell them how good they have to be to win the nationals (Average of 2.4)
– Train to be at 2.4 – Measure them every 2-3 weeks. If they see they are improving motivation will not be an issue.
– Train for 10 minutes, get a drink, swap ends or change partners and guess what, they will think it is a new drill.
– Add setting and hitting to the drill. The best passing drill is a dig, set, spike drill.
Have the players set the goals for the session. As a team make sure they are achievable, and then go for it as a team.
In serve reception show them the “Ronaldo in the dark” video on YouTube, so they can work out what is important when passing the serve in a drill.