Well I am here today at the National Under 16 National Championships, still one of the best volleyball events on Australia’s Volleyball calendar.

The difference between the good servers and the bad servers is way too extreme.

Do basketballer’s look at the ring before they take the penalty shot?
Does Tiger Woods look down the fairway and line himself up before teeing up.
Does a lawn bowler look down the green and have a look at the position of the jack before having his bowl.

All the answers are the same. Yes, Yes, Yes.

Good servers do this and more.

Bad servers just wander back to the baseline, turn around and serve, often with predictable unfortunate results. The real pity is experience coaches can predict the outcome before the serve is ruined.

Good servers have a plan. Whether it is their plan or the coaches’ plan they do indeed have a plan, a pre-service routine and a mental pre-service statement. If you want to be a good server, get your act together.

You need a serving plan.
You need a serving routine.
You need a preservice statement
And then you need to watch then hit the back of the ball.

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