If you are going to the Australian Schools Cup this year you are getting dangerously close to getting another signed volleyball from your team. If you already have 20+ signed volleyballs, another one may not be what you need.

If you coach a boys’ team, chances are that you will get nothing. If you do get something, the chances are very high that you will get a signed ball (or tournament T shirt) because that is the only thing they can get at five minutes notice.

If you coach a girls’ team, chances are it is too late, as they would have signed the ball already, wrapped it, and packed it ready for Melbourne.

The solution – ask the manager for a card. I have kept every card, as these mean a lot, but kept only a few presents. I think kids giving bottles of alcohol to coaches is a bit off as well. The fact is, it does not tick many boxes in the role model list.

To my ex-players reading this post, be assured that your present is one of the ones I have kept.