During the Kessel lecture in Adelaide last month, I asked John Kessel: if he could mandate three changes to every school, college or club volleyball program in the world, what would they be? 

His response:

1. A whiteboard

There should be a white/black board on a wall at every volleyball training. Your team should be able to read on the board what is to be in the session. The players have the right to know what is in the session, and they need the confidence that you have a plan.

2. Long nets in every gymnasium

The players need and deserve court net space. See the video below:

3. Red lines on all the gymnasium walls

The coaches at the lecture know exactly what John meant here and many have implemented this suggestion already. This is to help with game-based warmups and maximising touches on the ball. I’ll make a more detailed post about this in the new year.

John also said that if he was allowed to have a 4th point he would suggest all volleyball programs purchase a radar gun. He demonstrated and explained that this was one way players could get digital and immediate feedback. Personally I was surprised by this 4th point but I am willing to give it a go. In 30 years I have not found John to be off the mark in anything to do with volleyball.

Elson Volley are now selling these radar guns.