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“Catch your players doing something good, and tell them.”

Skill and Coaching information direct from world-renowned US coach, John Kessel.
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The Optimists

This video will make your weekend. Despite their weekly training sessions the volleyball ladies THE OPTIMISTS (66-98) have not played a match for 30 years. Now this is exactly the plan. But against whom? Rumours say there is a group of handsome Swedish gentlemen...

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Why Talent Selection Does Not Always Work

John Kessel forwarded us this article by US soccer coach John O'Sullivan, which is well worth the read: We have seen firsthand our obsession with winning, which forces us to select the biggest, fastest kids at young ages to win now, instead of identifying kids that...

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Dartfish Express

Dartfish is a fantastic app for demonstrating correct technique, or identifying faults. Currently on sale for 99¢ on the Apple App Store. From the developers: Dartfish, which was used by over 40% of the medal winners at the London Olympic Games, has always been...

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The three things every school or club must have

During the Kessel lecture in Adelaide last month, I asked John Kessel: if he could mandate three changes to every school, college or club volleyball program in the world, what would they be?  His response: 1. A whiteboard There should be a white/black board on a wall...

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“Please do not teach passing again – ever.”

John Kessel made this comment at the recent coaching session hosted by Elson Volley. Instead of passing, he says, teach your kids how to serve receive. Reading the ball is an essential skill at any level of sport, and easily as important as technique. Just watch the...

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