Thinking Volleyball – Mike Hebert.

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Thinking Volleyball by Mike Hebert.

“The only volleyball book I have read from cover to cover was Mike Heberts first book “Insights and Strategies for Winning Volleyball”. He is great read”.  David Eldridge.

To be a successful volleyball coach, you need to know more than
just how to teach the basic skills and implement a plan. In such
a fast-paced game, not only do you need to outperform your
opponent, but you must outthink him as well. Thinking Volleyball
has you covered!
Hall-of-fame coach Mike Hebert spent years learning the secrets
to success, among the most important is that you should never
stop learning. In this book he goes beyond the development of
motor skills to provide a unique cerebral look at how athletes
learn. Hebert also introduces the strategies behind his reading
defense approach, which will give your team an advantage
against any opponent. Regardless of how talented your players
are, a positive environment that includes a solid mutual trust
among everyone involved with the program is vital for your
program both on and off the court.
To take your program to the next level, step inside the mind of
a legendary coach and never stop learning. Thinking Volleyball
is your resource to developing your program, your players, and yourself.


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